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Painting Workshop

The purpose of this space is to provide the opportunity to socialize as well as improve self-knowledge, and reduce stress, depression and anxiety in older people between 30 and 54 years old. Since mental health is an essential factor in the transition and change upon arrival in a country of a different culture, in addition to providing a space for people who are already established in the city for the well-being of our community, at CAMI, we want to give you the tools to express yourself, imagine, and allow you to create from painting; you can never imagine what you can make. At CAMI, we want to provide a quiet space where you can connect with others and simultaneously create through art because you rarely have a space that allows the construction of moments to explore and recognize yourself through art and culture. Create and discover yourself!

Join Saturday

Hours:  2:00pm – 4:00pm

Next date: 9 March - 2024

Location: 180 Poplar Av.

Methodology: Face-to-face - Materials included.

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