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About us

The Colombian Alliance in Manitoba Inc. (CAMI) is a non-profit organization, made up of volunteers actively engaged in the execution of the mission and vision.  


The Colombian Alliance in Manitoba Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support Colombians arriving and residing in the Province of Manitoba through the implementation of social projects that promote well-being and safeguard culture.


To be an organization recognized for its impact and socio-cultural development within Canada, which seeks the union and solidarity between the different communities in the participation of social, cultural and recreational events that promote the welfare of families and social and environmental responsibility in Canada.

Our values

  • Service: Our focus is volunteering, giving the best of ourselves and putting it at the service of others to preserve Colombian culture and feel Canada as our second home.

  • Commitment: CAMI acts responsibly and comprehensively in compliance with the mission and vision to offer our support to Colombians and other communities

  • Diversity and Inclusion: CAMI works every day to respect human rights and welcomes those who, regardless of their nationality, want to be part of our alliance to build and contribute to society and the environment.

  • Social and environmental responsibility: We are defenders of equality, respect and service towards Colombians who have recently arrived in the Province and for those who already reside, as well as maintaining a current information channel on coexistence and adaptability within the Canadian community and responsibility with our planet

Meet The Team

Cruz Woloski
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Gustavo Pintor
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María Cerpas


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