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Golden Years

The CAMI Golden Years Group was born as a response to Spanish-speaking immigrants over 55 years of age who come to Canada in most cases to provide important support to their families in caring for their grandchildren, nephews, etc. CAMI provides a friendly, happy, dynamic space, expanding the circle of immigrants to share life experiences and knowledge. Cultural approach through the strengthening of values, traditional foods, dances and other activities of interest. Psychophysical self-care practices. Development in Winnipeg is important through trips to different places of interest.

Currently the group has valuable people from Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia with meetings on Saturdays in the afternoon that last an hour and a half.

Join Saturday

Hours: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Start: All year - 2024

Location: 180 Poplar Av.

Methodology: Face-to-face

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