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Music Group Folklore

The musical folkloric group is a project directed by the Colombian composer Luis Hermida who, upon migrating to the city of Winnipeg, puts his knowledge for the well-being of those who appreciate and have knowledge in the manipulation of instruments in addition to singing.


Our folk music group is an intergenerational group created in order to help develop new interests through Colombian music and other Latin American rhythms. It is important to recognize that music helps show emotions and feelings, making it a kind way to communicate. Music is presented as a friendly way to show young people and adults another way to connect with others in addition to reducing culture shock and for others who need safe spaces for recreation. CAMI in response to this, opens the space with the guidance of an instructor who will guide you through the Chalmers Neighborhood Renewal Corporation process of interaction and collaboration. This is a space where young people and parents can connect and create bonds through music. This is an open space where everyone can join together with their instruments as it requires that the person have prior knowledge about playing any instrument.

For over 12 years

Join Saturdays

Hours:  3:30pm – 5:00pm

Start: All year - 2024

Location: 180 Poplar Av.

Methodology: Face-to-face

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